Magdalene Gold

by Escher Case

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Magdalene Gold is the first EC song written with new members consisting of: Braun Pacheco (vocals,) Korbin Stevens (bass,) and Travis Flanagan (guitar.) Zack Shields and Ben Gabrielsen are the only original members of Escher Case. We are happy and very excited to watch EC's music evolve with the talent of the new members.



Modern place to choose to sleep with division
Or eat the news priorities highest rhythm
Houses higher than the loons they're kissing
Calendar saints winning Disney escapes
And wonder why I grew up just passing on the fall

Graffiti the stone but the drawback
Hands laced a tall pass
50 miles further on

Break your mind out won't you take it home
Space and time make everything you own
Take your sight back bringer of the dawn
Soul breaks free
Run back to me after 40 yards

Don't waste my love up
One will call had you laughing at the gates
And you can see through the others
Silicon strides try your hardest every day
To bring back lives in a memory of
Breaking lines that held you up
Free base falling and that feel of knowing pain
Bright light brings love
Past mind cast down now on a Saturday

Because it's something everyday
It's something that you love
It's something that you hate
It's all the above
It's scraping down the walls
It comes in rates and fines
It's banging down the door
It's something every day because you said so
But you choose your way
And find out

Frame my mind now save myself but I don't think that'll do me too well
Change the lives of an institution-born recipe falling out everyone's hell
It's roaring out my hair
Blink blind I know I wasn't scared
I wasn't meant to fear

Feel the weight of burning Rome
It's all a history speel
And if you buy their homes
It grows on vines and loans
And Mary Magdalene knows
Everybody loves their wives and animals

Promised my love for you now
A ring on the ground
You're missing the palm down
This is my message to look
I promised this message my love
Promised this message to look


released March 17, 2017
Guitars written by: Travis Flanagan and Ben Gabrielsen.
Bass written by: Korbin Stevens.
Lyrics and vocals written by: Braun Pacheco.
Drums written by: Zack Shields.

Drums tracked at Red Dog Inn.
Song tracked by Zack Shields and Kirk Tautz.
Mixed and Mastered by Kirk Tautz.




Escher Case Ogden, Utah

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